About Apex Storage

Apex Storage is a PCIe Add-In-Card(AIC) design firm headquartered in Utah. We create the industries highest storage capacity/density with industry leading performance for mission critical workloads. Our AIC's are designed to work seamlessly with your systems, making Apex Storage ideal partner for deployment of your NVMe needs.

Meet our team

Our philosophy is simple — hire a team of diverse, passionate people and foster a culture that empowers you to do your best work.
Mike Spicer
Founder & CEO
Henry Hill
Engineering & Sales
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About Apex Storage

Apex Storage is headquartered in Cedar City, Utah. Our leadership is composed of a dedicated team of experts with decades of experience in the NVMe, PCB Design and storage industry solution design. OUR hardware solution has redefined the value of NVMe Array storage cards and makes the most powerful and flexible and dense storage solutions in the world. To learn more, contact us today.

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Feel free to contact us. our exports are online for you.